About us

About us

At the moment, the field of home and office moving is filled with a large quantity of different moving firms. However, it may prove hard to find among them a reliable one. Many can offer you a wide specter of services, but prices may be unfair. Many people find themselves shocked by a final cost, or in another case, the company may lose or accidentally damage your belongings while not compensating your loss.

Atlantic Moving Service, in turn, will never deceive you or force you to overpay. We appreciate the trust given by every client. We don’t use the services of unskilled staff. This makes our work as attractive and effective as it is presented to you.

At the Atlantic Moving Service, we provide a full list of moving services! Our highly qualified personnel will arrive with all the necessary packing materials, then your belongings will be packed, loaded into a vehicle from our own auto park, delivered to the point of destination and after unloading and unpacking it will be brought into the house, office or other building. All you need to do is to control the process and give instructions. We will take care of everything else.

Why should you choose Atlantic Moving Service?

We are always paying attention to the smallest details. We establish a detailed plan before the work starts and think through all the possibilities of the move. We are ready to solve all the troubles and prepare solutions before any problem appears. More and more people turn to us, thanks to such advantages such as:

  • • We are answer any questions you may have about our services:
  • • We ensure the most favorable conditions for all of our customers, and save their time in every way possible;
  • • You don’t need to buy materials or hire a truck. We provide you with everything necessary;
  • • Our staff is skilled, polite and always ready to meet your requirements and exceed expectations.

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