Interstate moving

Interstate moving

Home and office moving, we like to say the the word “relocation”. This word may bring to some a smile and   pleasant thoughts of a new home & a happy life in it; to others it brings the unpleasant memories of the chaos that may have been brought from previous moves.
How are we different? we have a different approach to the organization of moving and this gives different results. Some people are encumbering themselves with this burden, while engaging in the selection and ordering a loader van or, even worse, trying to move with their own car. Others understand the case & that they will have to pay a lot more cash and time if moving by themselves, and so they turn to the transporting companies, which specialize in relocation.

Atlantic Moving Service is expertly engaged in transportation. We've got everything needed to complete a move of any size.  We have a fleet of trucks that vary in different carrying capacity.

All machines are carefully prepared for transport:

  • — they are clean — nothing can stain your clothes or furniture;
  • — they are equipped with special fixtures to secure your belongings that protect your goods from damage;
  • — they undergo regular inspections, so that the technical problems during transport are excluded.

Atlantic Moving Service qualitatively organize your transportation:

  • — Lesser relocation — only involves relocation of belongings without any furniture or otherwise large objects. For this purpose, a small van perfectly fits.
  • — Medium relocation — moving of belongings and furniture, the average move for the organization of which it will be sufficient to properly select several vans and minibuses.
  • — Grand relocation — this kind of move is practically impossible to organize all by yourself, as it's very hard and time-consuming to relocate a large volume of belongings, personal items, small and large household appliances, furniture, etc. For these travels our transportation group provides trucks with large carrying capacity.

Relocation is not our only proposition. We also offer an additional loaders service that will take care of all of your things. We carefully pack , load and fasten your items in the back of the truck.
With the Atlantic Moving Service, relocation won't be a challenge to you. Our unconstrained and pleasurable moving expectations will not be overshadowed by the difficulties to transport objects.
Order our relocation and transportation services in Florida & You'll get the first-rate moving experts.

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